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Audio and audio Cable
High quality PVC sheath conforms to ROHS standard

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HDMI Cable

HDMI connection line is suitable for signal transmission with HDMI 

interface such as computer, DVD, PS4, set-top box, mobile phone,
desktop, personal computer, vi
deo camera, TV, projector and so on.

USB Cable
The charging speed is 2 times higher

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Aux Cable
DC3.5 millimeter audio line

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DVI Cable
3 layer shielded oxygen free copper

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Smart charger

QI wireless smart charger can be charged

without plugging cable.

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HDMI accessories
DVI (24+5) common to the VGA header

OCC (Zhuhai) Tongyu Electronics Co., Ltd., 
Founded in 2003, specializes in the production and sales of AV cable accessories and computer peripheral components, 

and provides a solution for the interconnection of high definition multimedia devices for home theater applications and 

portable devices. Our products mainly involve Mfi,high definition signal transmission and other HDMI, HDMI to DVI, 

USB, fiber line, DisplayPort, cell phone charger, portable battery and so on.

The issue of HDMI 2 version


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