How can I protect my phone battery while charging? | OCC Cable

July 12, 2023
  1. Here are a few ways to protect your phone battery:

  2. 1.Avoid overcharging: Avoid plugging your phone into the charger for longer than it needs to be charged. Once the phone reaches 100%, unplug the charger in time to reduce the impact of overcharging on battery life.


2. Avoid excessive discharge: Try to avoid charging your phone after it runs out of power. Frequent deep discharges can negatively affect battery life. Try to keep the battery charge in the range of 20% to 80%.


3.Use high-quality chargers and data cables: Use high-quality chargers and data cables,as they are designed and tested to provide the appropriate current and voltage to maximize battery protection.


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4. Avoid overheating and undercooling: Avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures, as both heat and cold can damage the battery. Try to avoid direct exposure to the phone in the sun, and do not place the phone in an extremely cold environment.



5. Avoid overusing charge protection: Some modern smartphones have charge protection features that automatically stop charging when the battery is full. While these features help protect the battery, prolonged use can negatively impact battery life.



6. Complete charge and discharge on a regular basis: Try to complete the charge and discharge cycle of the mobile phone battery once a month to help calibrate the battery's power display and ensure the normal operation of the battery.



Be aware that the battery life of your phone will inevitably decrease over time, even if you take proper protective measures. If you notice a noticeable drop in battery life or other issues with your phone, consult your phone manufacturer or a professional technician for more help.


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