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July 17, 2023

What is an RCA cable?

RCA is a type of audio cable. It is suitable for connecting and transmitting audio signals between vcd, dvd, television, radio recorder, cd, etc.

The RCA connector is not specifically designed for any interface, but can be used to transmit audio and common video signals, and it is also a plug for DVD components (YCrCb or YPbPr), but the number is three.

RCA Name Meaning

RCA is an acronym for Radio Corporation of America, because the RCA connector was invented by this company.

RCA is also called AV terminal, also known as AV interface. Almost all TVs and DVD players have this interface. RCA connector is the most common type of audio/video terminal. This kind of two-wire connection terminal was invented by RCA recording company as early as the era of radio, and there is also an older and strange name called "turntable" connector.

Signal transmission method

The RCA terminal adopts the method of coaxial signal transmission, the central axis is used to transmit signals, and the contact layer around the outer circle is used for grounding, which can be used to transmit digital audio signals and analog video signals. RCA audio terminals are generally marked in pairs with different colors: the right channel is red, and the left channel is black or white. Sometimes, the center and surround channel cables will be marked with other colors to facilitate the identification when wiring, but all the RCA connectors in the entire system are the same in electrical performance. Generally speaking, the RCA stereo audio cable is a group of left and right channels, and each channel is a line in appearance.


RCA interface sample\and connection method

Usually there are pairs of white audio jacks and yellow video jacks. When RCA (commonly known as lotus head) is often used for connection, it is only necessary to connect the standard AV cable with lotus head to the corresponding interface.

Advantages of RCA interface

The AV interface realizes the separate transmission of audio and video, which avoids the degradation of image quality caused by audio/video mixed interference. However, since the AV interface still transmits a luminance/chroma (Y/C) mixed video signal, the display device still needs to perform luminance/color separation and chroma decoding for imaging. This process of first mixing and then separating It will inevitably cause the loss of the color signal, and the chrominance signal and the brightness signal will also have a great chance to interfere with each other, thereby affecting the final output image quality. AV still has a certain vitality, but due to its insurmountable shortcoming of Y/C mixing, it cannot be used in some occasions where the visual limit is pursued.

The most widely used interface on audio and video equipment, almost every audio and video equipment provides this type of interface for audio and video input and output.


split into two cable

That is, you can use headphones and speakers at the same time, without this cable you can only use one of the headphones and speakers.

divide into three cable

Audio and video cables connecting DVD and TV. Some computers with multi-function terminals can also be used to connect to TVs, or large speakers for home use, to ensure quality, no scratches, and no rust. Features of the product: Divide a 3.5 plug signal into Three-way RCA plug (lotus head), the product is soft and durable. (Note: There are 3 rings on the 3.5 head, assuming that your original product is 2 rings. Now that you buy 3 rings, some plugs may have no signal).


*Dual-shielding& Soft Nylon Braided Jacket: Let you enjoy the the pure, clear audio quality and minimal signal loss and say goodbye to stiff wires.


*Gold Plated Connectors: gold plated connectors which protect the cables from corrosion and solid RCA connectors.Not worry about the connectors loose issue



This high-end 3RCA male to 3RCA male stereo audio video cable can provide incredible audio clarity at all lengths, thus providing a universal connection between hardware, you can connect audio equipment or any equipment with L The /R jack device is connected to the office or home stereo audio system. Meet all your stereo audio needs.

When listening to music, pure oxygen-free copper wire can emit a soft and clear sound. The combination of incredible sound, durability and wide compatibility makes the 3RCA M/M audio cable one of the real choices for those who are serious about audio

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