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The HDMI Advantage
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The shift from analog to digital interconnectivity has been the biggest trend in home theater since the introduction of the flat-screen, and installation pros have been leading the way. The combination of superior quality, greater utility, and replica rolex submariner 43mm watches wider access to content is practically irresistible-but just in case you (or your clients) are still clinging to those analog cables of yesteryear, here are a few points to consider:

Best Quality
With the exception of a few legacy CRTs and VCRs, just about every CE component in a client’s home these days is likely to be a digital device. So why would anyone opt for an analog connection? Digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital replica iwc Portuguese yacht club watches conversions are inherently lossy, and can never match the output quality of a 100% digital system. As well, analog connections compress the video signal. Only a digital connection can fulfill the promise for the best possible video and audio quality.

Access to Content

HDCP is the entertainment industry's choice for content protection, and it's only supported by digital interconnects, specifically HDMI and DVI. With any other connection type, viewing premium content like HD-DVD or Blu-ray Disc movies in their full resolution will become increasingly difficult.

Ease of Use

Since HDMI carries both video and audio, it replaces a whole tangle of legacy cables, making for a clean, elegant, efficient installation. But Replica TAG Heuer Link Watches that’s not all. Since it’s a two-way connection, it enables new levels of system intelligence. Connected devices can read each others' EDID data and auto-configure for optimal performance, or may even control each others' actions via the CEC channel, enabling "one-touch1 command of multiple components in a system.


When you install HDMI, you can be confident that it will serve the client’s needs for many years to come. Unlike those old analog wires, it’s built for the future of CE technology, not the past.


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