AV cables for short of audio&video cable. It transmit original signal by eliminating external electromagnetic interference effectively.

AV cable wholesale includes: audio cable, RCA cable, optical fiber cable, coaxial cable, DisplayPort cable,DVI cable, VGA cable, HDTV cable etc; Audio and video cables are widely used to connect and interconnect various audio and video devices such as DVD, TV, stereo, digital camera, etc.

Audio cables and RCA cables adopts upgraded single crystal copper conductor, which has high analytical power, low loss, exquisite and transparent sound, clear and pure, and can truly restore every music detail and feel the shock of HiFi sound quality.

Optical fiber audio cable specially developed by OCC for HI-FI sound system and home theater system. Wire is the best choice for digital home theater audio transmission with new Dolby AC3 and DTS surround technology. The digital transmission frequency can be up to 250Mb/s.

OCC 8K DP 1.4v cable allows you to experience ultra HD video. DP cable supports the latest 7680 * 4320 resolution transmission, supports 4k/165Hz and 2k/240Hz high refresh rates, and allows you to experience the ultra clear image quality; 32.4Gbps total bandwidth, stronger transmission.

OCC video and audio cable are with CE,ROHS,FCC standard.Our cables have excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price. Support diversified customization, length customization, product color customization.


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