USB Cables is hot selling products in OCC. It include USB C cable, USB A cable, Lightning cable,thunderbolt cable etc. Our cables is sourced from the environmental-friendly raw materials.We develop  types of cables with different appearances and different performances,such as super soft silicone USB cable, biodegradable eco-friendly USB cable and USB 4.0 cable, USB C 3.2 Gen2 Cable etc. Cables is made of tinned copper wire, which has good electrical conductivity, softer and more durable. Most of the products are with tinplate, the load-bearing capacity can reach 10kg.In order to enhance the toughness and wear resistance of the cable, we can add Kevlar inside the cable,which can be over 25000 times bending test and lifting weight test 80KG,long-lasting durability and performance well above the industry average. Over 10000 times insertion withdrawal force test.Every OCC product, from design to material selection, from production to quality inspection, has always undergone layers of safety inspections with stricter standards than the industry, and passed CE, ROHS, FCC and other safety certifications.


We have advanced production technology and great production capability.  Our cables have excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price. Support diversified customization, length customization, product color customization. Customers are welcome to contact us for details.


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