HDM(meaning High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a digital video/audio Interface technology. HDMI cable is the abbreviation of the connection line between multiple sets of high definition multimedia, it can transmit high quality uncompressed HD video and multi-channel audio data simultaneously.


HDMI cable have plug of A,B,C(mini) and D(micro).


With the development, we now have HDMI cable of 1.3V, 1.4B,1.4V,2.0V 2.1V. At present, the highest standard of HDMI is HDMI2.1, which bandwidth is 48Gbps,supports 8K@ 60FPS frame rate.


HDMI2.1 is perfectly downward compatible with HDMI 1.X. HDMI 2.1is not a replacement for HDMI 1.x, but rather an enhancement of HDMI 1.x. Any device that supports HDMI 2.1 must first have basic HDMI 1.x support.


HDMI cable have the character of 100% of digital

No compression, no conversion required

Pure digital images and sounds (visible and audible) directly from the source

Video and audio signals remain digital from the output device to the display device

Best quality sound and images

Bandwidth provided for HDTV

Supports 1080P resolution and higher

Supports 3D function

Supports voice sending

Support a variety of HD device connection

More than twice the 1080I bandwidth

YUV color space support

It also support plug and play.


HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video games, integrated amplifiers, digital stereos and televisions. 


HDMI optical fiber cable can reach longer than 200 meters, which is active transmission. While passive transmission HDMI long cable only reach 30meters with amplifier.


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