The full name of the Ethernet Lan Cable is "Information Technology - User Infrastructure Structured Cabling".The network cable is a connection between a computer and a computer, and between a computer and other network devices. Normal network cables include twisted pair, coaxial cable and fiber optic.It have cat5,cat6, cat6A, cat7,cat8 versions.

There are two kinds ethernet network cables practices, with T568A and T568B two standards. The network cable with the same standard to do scrystal head, is a parallel network cable, another one kind is also currently the most used that the two ends of a network cable using two different standards to do crystal head,named crossover network cable.

The Network cable is divided into shielded and unshielded cable, the difference between the two types of network cable is mainly the use of different scenarios, the marked label are different (The unshielded cable marked with UTP,the shiled cable marked with STP) and the inner instruction of cable are different also(Shielded network cable has an additional layer of metal or aluminum foil inside than unshielded network cable) .

Application scenarios of network cables: Network cables are used to connect devices and are mainly used for engineering wiring, network connection, and ports of equipment connection systems. For example: switches, hubs, firewalls and other equipments.

The best lan cable is Category 7 cable, which has a transmission frequency of at least 500 MHz, more than twice that of Category 6 and Super Category 6 cables, and a transmission rate of up to 10 Gbps,this kinds are the most of people use .

The network cable is closely related with our life . It can give the people a very pleasant experience in the internet . 


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