Mobile phone chargers is very hot selling products in Market.Mobile phone chargers can be  divided into wall chargers, car chargers, wireless chargers.


With the development, we now have 140W GAN wall charger, 100W GAN wall charger, 65W GAN Wall charger and other super power chargers. We use black technology GAN and special customized magnetic materials to optimize the efficiency design of the whole machine to reduce the loss, making them small in size and large in energy. Different powers meet the charging needs of different devices, 18w fast charging mobile phones, tablet computers, wireless headphones and other devices; 30w supports fast charging of Macbook Air, Switch and other devices; 45w/65w provides stronger charging speed for USB-C laptops, for smart life accelerate.


OCC car charger use power management chip with heat dissipation parts and intelligent cooling , so that the equipment will not be affected by long-term use. Upgraded nickel-plated metal non-slip shrapnel, stable locking of the cigarette lighter, sensitive contact, continuous power supply, and fully compatible with digital devices.

OCC has also launched wireless charging with strong magnetic attraction and ordinary wireless charging, and qi fast charging protocol to meet the requirements of fast charging. The built-in intelligent detection circuit of the wireless charger can accurately align the position of the device, without multiple adjustments during use, which is efficient and easy to use.


OCC mobile phone chargers use high-quality main control chips, which provide over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-heating protection, and short circuit protection, which comprehensively improves the charging efficiency and provides users with peace of mind. All of chargers are CE,ROHS,FCC ,UL standard


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