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The docking station is a simply adapter with multiple interfaces, Its a convenient one-stop connection for laptops with multiple accessories or external devices by duplicating or even extending the ports of the laptop. Laptops with the same brand can usually have universal port replication.


There are two important types of docking stations, bus docking stations and mini docking stations. The bus type docking station can provide greater functionality for bus expansion, such as PCI and PCIe bus expansion, so that notebook users can also use PCI and PCIe devices. It is very convenient for industrial mobile computing users, especially in the field of measurement and control instruments; We ususally use the mini docking station in our life with the different ports which like USB/HDMI/TYPE C/Ethernet etc.


The best part of the Mini Docking Station is the port expansion. These numerous ports allow the laptop to connect more external devices at the same time, increasing the performance of the laptop and helping to improve the working efficiency


Docking stations can be divided into three categories:Wire-connected kind /Plug kind(without wire)/Vertical models (mostly used for cell phones). The advantage of wire connected kind is can compatible all kinds of devices.The advantage of plug kind is that its smaller , more portable, and more beautiful in feature.The advantage of vertical models are that can also be used as a phone stand while using the extended function.


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