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◪ Conductor : single 4N high-purity oxygen-free copper wire or copper clad steel, which has the characteristics of small 

    attenuation of transmission signal, small signal loss, fast speed and high transmission rate

 Insulator : imported high-quality polyethylene, using the most advanced "skin bubble"physical foam production technology, 

    more effectively reduce transmission attenuation,improve transmission speed, etc, to ensure that the characteristic impedance 

    is between 75+5 ohms

◪ Shield : aluminum foil plus braided double or four-ayer shielding structure, high braid coverage braided shield, reducing signal 

    attenuation and preventing extenal signals from interfering with it, making image transmission clear and realistic.

 Jacket : imported high-quality PVC is used, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance , wear resistance, oil resistance, 

    moisture proof, mildew proof and long service life, etc

 The cable mark adopts high-precision coding technology,and also high-precision metering to ensure accurate length

◪ Acking length :100m / roll, 200m / roll, 400m / roll.

 Impedance : 75+/-2 Ω

 Rated temperature : Suitablefor use at - 40℃~70℃


◪ It is mainly suitable for branch lines and subscriber lines of cable television systems and other electronic devices, and can meet the transmission 

    requirements of broadband, high speed and low loss


 Low transmission loss, wide working frequency band

 Light weight, easy to install

 Excellent electrical performance, stable and reliable

◪ Long service life, good moisture resistance

 Packing form and length can be customized according to customer requirements

◪ According to customer requirements to increase the shielding net, outer sheath or add

 Anticorrosive layer or self-supporting structure

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